Month: April 2017

Jepara Furniture History

Jepara furniture has become the industry cluster which dinamis.Jepara now, in 2011, has about 12,000 houses and 200 industrial exporters. Each craftsman has a 5-15 artisan craftsmen. Jepara is not the only city that produces furniture. But no city that exceed the amounts Jepara furniture craftsmen and entrepreneurs. Showroom in Jepara are the longest in the world. Not one showroom, but many showrooms in rows along the 20 kilometers on the road Senenan -Tahunan -Pecangaan. How could this happen?

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Jepara Furniture History

Once upon a time there lived a sculptor and painter at the time of King Brawijaya of Majapahit Kingdom, East Java. Engraver named Prabangkara or also called Joko Sungging. King UB wants to have a painting of his wife naked. This is a manifestation of the love of the king. Experts called in carving and painting Prabangkara it to realize the wishes of the King. Prabangkara get an impossible task: to paint the king’s wife naked but should not be viewed consort naked. Must go through the imagination. Prabangkara carry out the task. And finished its job perfectly. Suddenly a lizard dispose of feces and about the painting. The empress so that painting had a mole. King delighted with the results of the Prabangkara. He saw the image detail of the painting. And as soon as he saw the mole. The king’s wrath. He accused Prabangkara viewed directly empress without clothes. Due to the location of a mole just like reality. King jealous and punish Prabangkara tie in the kite and then fly it. Kite flew up to Back Mountain in Jepara and landed in the Rear Mount it. Rear Mount is now named Mulyoharjo in Jepara. Then carve Prabangkara teach science to the citizens of Jepara at the time and skills of citizens Jepara carving survive and conserved until now.

Yes that’s the history of Jepara Furniture carving. Interesting to hear. It may also provide inspiration for the idea of ​​human manned kite. Perhaps exaggerated, how kite flying from Majapahit – East Java up to Jepara, Central Java? Is that story or history? I think a lot of the story deh.

There is another story about Jepara furniture. This one was no evidence of artifacts authentic relic of Queen Kalinyamat in Mantingan Mosque.

Jepara carving has been no trace of him in the time of Queen Kalinyamat Government (1521-1546) in 1549. The Queen had a daughter named Retno Kencono a great role for the development of sculpture. In the kingdom, there named Sungging Badarduwung minister, who came from the Campa (Cambodia) and he was a good sculptor. Queen build Mantingan Mosque and Tomb sepulcher (tomb for her husband) and asked Sungging to beautify the building was carved. Until now, the carvings can be seen in the mosque and the mausoleum of Sultan Hadlirin. There are 114 relief on the white stone. At that time, Queen Kalinyamat Sungging meet demand.
Origin of Carved Furniture Jepara

Rear Mount area there were reportedly carved … Read More