According Marijuana Can Increase Appetite

Described substances contained Cannabinoids in marijuana is a trigger appetite. This substance activates neurons in the brain that usually it dampen appetite. With this discovery, the researchers said the more open the possibility for the development of new types of drugs to increase the appetite of cancer patients and AIDS.Penelitian previous injection actually found evidence of substance THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) to animal experiments in the lab managed to increase the appetite of animals the. However, the working mechanism between the injected substance and the brain continues to be a mystery.

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Dr Tamas Horvath of Yale University and his team examined the role of neurons PMOC (hypothalamic pro-opiomelanocortin) which releases chemicals into the PVN part of the brain. According to Dr. Horvath, known to regulate the activity of POMC neurons eat, but it is considered these neurons are actually suppress appetite, by injecting marijuana to animal experiments, researchers found that the animal’s appetite has increased. It is said, the researchers then deliberately reduce the activity of POMC neurons, and the results of these animals also decreased appetite. “This is a major proof that POMC neurons related to feeding activity,” he explained.

Dr Horvath and his team also examined how the substances contained cannabis or cannabinoids can trigger the release of POMC neurons. It was found that cannabinoids alter the function of POMC neurons and changes that trigger the release of chemicals in the brain cells.