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About Buying Custom Guitar Straps

For any guitar players, guitar strap is a very useful accessory. You can consider buying one mainly for its looks or for practicality reasons. Most of the time, the straps for guitar that look the best do not come looking great, well unless you do some modifications on it. And in regards to this matter, we are going to divide this content to 2 sections. One is buying straps for practicality or investing in custom guitar straps.

Here are a few things that you need to take into mind when you are planning to buy straps for practicality.

Number 1. Choose something that’s light in weight – when playing guitar, you will likely be standing up and you do not want your strap to weigh you down. Unless, you are going for older flair with heavy leather straps, go with something practical and lightweight. Straps with leather and cotton ends are typically the most ideal for this especially the cotton as it will not uncontrollably slide when playing.

Number 2. Will not break down when using it – whenever possible, we want straps that could be used for long term and therefore, we don’t want to see it breaking down only after weeks or months of usage. When using it, sitting on it or even get stuck between something, it shouldn’t tear. This has to be an accessory that can last as long or perhaps, longer than the guitar you’re using.

Number 3. Go with something that received good reviews – it is important to perform research about the strap that you are planning to buy. If ever there are hundreds of good and positive reviews, then odds are that the strap is worth purchasing and of high quality. On the other hand, see it as a red flag if there’s fair amount of negative reviews about the strap. There are many high quality straps you can find and you don’t have to gamble by purchasing inadequate one.

By far, follow these tips when buying guitar straps for practicality but if you prefer something that looks nice and represents your personality, there are things that you have to be mindful as well.

We know that when playing guitar, the guitar strap plays an integral role. There are others who are more focused about their looks than anything else. It’ll be recommended that you opt for a custom guitar strap if you believe that it’s important to use one that look good and can define you and your playing style. Are you a part of a metal band, then you may try custom guitar straps that are a bit more hardcore and dark in design, if you’re genre is something more alternative or country, you can relay the strap’s design principle to it as well.

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